Dent Pulling System

Dent Pulling System is used to repair minor and medium damages.
This machine has both manual mode and automatic mode.

Automatic Mode: All programs like washer welding and wavy wire welding are preset. The user has to select the required option.

Manual Mode :In this mode the user can change the power and weld time setting depending upon his requirement.


  • The machine is designed to be used both manually and to carry out automatic cycles (AUTOSTART).
  • Single side welding gun with various welding procedures like washer welding and wavy wire, etc…
  • Higher productivity, since reduced time in removing individual parts of a car for repair.
  • Heavy duty transformer for prolonged duty cycle.
  • Repair the panels outer to outer with out removing internal parts like power windows, auto-lock, wiring etc.
  • Portable system on trolley ,convenient to move all around the shop floor.
  • Wavy wire and washer welding for running board and step panel repairs.
  • High productivity with direct profitability.
  • User-friendly.