Ozone Air Sterilizer

Ozone is an oxidant. A natural form of activated oxygen.

It can kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens, while removing unpleasant odours and hazardous substances.

  • The ozone air sterilizer kills viruses & bacteria
  • Removes Food odour
  • Removes Pet & animal related odour
  • Easy to use- Turn on the car, switch on the blower, on, internal circulation mode.
  • Place the ozone air sterilizer inside and close the doors & windows
  • Simply plug & play
  • Reaches every nook and corner of the car
  • Make sure no humans or pets are inside the car during sterilization.
  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Prevents bad odour
  • Improves family health
  • Compact & portable design
  • No maintenance