Infared Dryer

Infrared dryers are used in body shop for drying painted jobs with better quality at a very short time.In a traditional paint booth the hot air is made to pass on the jobs which will dry it from top-to-bottom. Due to this some moisture will remain inside the layers which will result in improper finish/short life of the job done. Whereas IR dryers uses short wave technology which heats the job from bottom-to-top so that the moisture inside each layer is eliminated which results in quick drying time and ensures long life for the painted jobs.


  • Suitable for automotive bodyshops / garages and industries
  • For drying putty,primer,paint and clear coat
  • For drying single panel jobs
  • Hydraulic lifter turning around 300 degrees
  • Short wave infra red technology
  • Automatic distance sensor
  • LED display with electronic timer
  • Can reach any part of the car including roof
  • Reduced drying time with low running cost
  • Safer, smarter and faster
  • Each lamp can be controlled separately