Wall Mounted Dust Extraction System

Twister – dust extraction are used in garages and in assembly line. The TWISTER is fixed to the wall by means of a supporting bracket and is normally connected to a jointed arm (Pinocchio series) or to a wall-mounted or fixed E.P. control unit by means of a pipe protected by a channel. The unit is switched on and off by the two gate valves located below the control unit (wall-mounted, fixed or part of the arm).The hoses for extraction of dust from sanding machines or for internal cleaning of vehicles are connected to these gate valves.
When operating, the turbine located above the chamber extracts the dust produced during sanding of primers, resins or similar.The dust is then channeled via the extraction pipe into the chamber and, via the needle felt filter and cyclone, is deposited in the dust container Periodically, according to the type of dust or particles extracted and the frequency of use, the user must empty the dust container into the collecting bin.


  • Suitable for dry sanding applications in both garages and assembly line
  • Different arm lengths avaliable (6m , 7m , 8m)
  • High suction capacity – 100 m3/h
  • Articulated type arm
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • 3 phase/1 phase socket available
  • FRL unit available
  • 2 air connections available
  • Ensures pollution free environment
  • Life time warranty on filters