EE75-EE160 Two-Stage Horizon


  • Paper & pulp
  • Machine tool shops
  • Textiles
  • Cement
  • Automotive
  • Steel making
  • Food processing
  • Oil carry over less than 2ppm
  • Grouped service points ensure easy access to components for maintenance
  • Optimized cooler design and cooling fans ensure low running temperatures
  • Versatile neuron II micro controller provides easy diagnostics of system parameters
  • Models available as bare units/side located drier/variable speed drive variants
  • Wide range of accessories – vertical air receivers, driers, automated supply side controller and variable frequency drives to meet diverse operating conditions
Ratio of Suction to Discharge of a Screw Airend: A single-stage compressor, operating at a discharge pressure of 9 bar, has a compression ratio of 1:9 (Ratio of Suction to Discharge of a Screw Airend) .In a two-stage compressor operating at the same discharge pressure, the compression ratio is divided between the two-stages of tandem airend and is about 1:3 in each stage. This makes the airend more reliable and efficient due to smaller loads on the bearings. The volumetric efficiency of two-stage is better than single-stage compression.   image006 Energy Efficiency of Tandem Screw Compressors: ELGi offers tandem screw compressors to help industries reduce their operating and energy costs. It is two-stage compressor, having energy efficiency as the key features. The compression is done in two-stages to improve the volumetric efficiency and thereby contributing to decrease in power consumption and increase in saving energy costs. Tandem air compressors consume 8-12% less power and offer a return on investment within 8-15 months when compared to single-stage compressors.   image002