Single and Two Stage Bore-well Compressor Pumps

Built with a dry sump design and unique suction through crankcase design, this product meets the requirements of industries that need quality air without contamination like medical complexes, and food processing.

Operating principle/ Principle of operation

Compressed air is pumped down the borewell through an air pipe and is mixed with the ground water. The air-water mixture is in the form of very fine bubbles that come through the air distributor and goes out through the discharge pipe. The density of this air mixture is lower than the density of the surrounding water column and it causes the mixture to rise in the delivery pipe. On continuation of this process, water is pumped out through the discharge pipe.The outlet from the discharge pipe must not be connected to a long conveyance pipe,since this will cause hammering when the water is ejected out due to large air pockets formed during the horizontal travel of the air water mixture in the pipe.

  • Designed for efficiency close to zero maintenance
  • Highly efficient Crank shaft with roller bearing
  • Rust-proof and robust steel casting body
  • Non-stop performance and hardly heats up
  • Prompt and efficient After sales service
  • High quality
  • Only pipelines are kept in the borewell. The compressor pump and motor can be erected at any convenient place